February 24, 2012

Mark Wahlberg as Billy Jack?

Mark Wahlberg Attached To Two More: ‘Billy Jack’ and ‘When Corruption Was King’

By Germain LussierBilly Jack was a very popular 1971 film co-written, directed and starring Tom Laughlin which, according to The Tracking Board, had a remake originally set up at DreamWorks with Keanu Reeves set to star. However, the remake rights reverted and Wahlberg and company swooped up to grab them. The film is currently a free agent.

Out of the two of these projects, it’s pretty easy to picture Wahlberg starring in either. Billy Jack, though, is part of a series and could potentially spawn a franchise.
Comment:  This news is from April 2011, but it's still worth a mention.

Will this version of Billy Jack be part Native? If he is, should Wahlberg play him? Or should the role go to someone who's, you know, part Native?

For more on the subject, see The Origin of Billy Jack and The Best Indian Movies.


Melvin Martin said...


Jeffrey James Lippold is Billy Jack said...

Jeffrey James Lippold is part native, ex-military, a martial arts expert including hapkido and an award winning actor. They should look no further. Look him up and let people know what you think.

Jeffrey James Lippold is Billy Jack said...

This guy is native and a martial arts expert and a top level actor and ex military...no brainer who really is Billy Jack!