February 26, 2012

"Chief Ron" to be evicted

Back in 2009 I posted about an Indian wannabe named "Chief Ron" Roberts. Supposedly Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment were going to make a casino comedy about him.

Here are the postings:

Chief Ron lies about gaming
The facts about "Chief Ron"

Now the phony "chief" and his "tribe" are being evicted from their phony "reservation." Amazingly, a newspaper reported on it without once noting the huge controversy surrounding Roberts.

According to the previous reports, he "pleaded guilty to federal charges of submitting false documents and perjury." How do you report on his eviction without noting that the government considers him a fraud?

Mind-boggling. Anyway, here's the latest on "Chief Ron":

Mohegan Tribe to be evicted by court-ordered sale

By Eulene InnissAfter decades of maltreatment in their homeland, history is repeating itself in a case against Native Americans.

The federal government allows indigenous people to live on reservations, parcels of land, that they sold to them. Native Americans thought, no doubt, that this act would guarantee a degree of freedom from the entanglement of broken promises. However, for the Mohegan tribe in Ulster County, N.Y., it's déjà vu. Sherriff Paul J. Vanblarcum has given tribal leader Chief Ronald Roberts a notice of eviction with an execution date of March 15.

Vanblarcum will be conducting a sale of the Western Mohegan tribe's land, buildings, museum, goods, chattel and all their possessions on March 15. This sale will displace the Mohegan women, children and elderly, creating a homeless tribe.

In a telephone conversation with Chief Don Ryan of the Sheriff of Ulster County's office, Ryan stated, "The sale will proceed unless there is a court order against it."
Comment:  For more on Indian wannabes, see Winddancer Called a "Cultural Thief" and Mythical Indian = "National Mascot."

Below:  "Chief Ron" Roberts in a headdress from a Plains culture 1,000 miles from New York.

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Shadow Wolf said...

Good Riddance Mr. RONALD ROBERTS. Note that I didn't call him "Golden Eagle" or "Chief Ron" because, according to the United States Federal government. It was concluded that he is in *fact*, a "fake*. So therefore, his rightfully given name is Ronald Roberts. Or perhaps some other names he went by as a white actor during his great acting days, long before he went so far to commit fraud, deceiving the general public and living a life of a lie.