February 10, 2012

All about Jacques La Grange

Michael Sheyahshe (Caddo) Interviews Jacques La Grange (San Carlos Apache) about his work in comics:

IPI: Indigenous Peeps in the Industry--07Jacques introduction:

"Hello, my name is Jacques La Grange. I am the creator and artist of the comic book Shadow Wolf. I am currently on hiatus from the book, to tend to my ailing wife and be the best possible father to my 3 kids. Recently I was asked by Phoenix Comic Con if I would be interested in putting on a Panel for Native Americans in comics. Last year was a huge success, and though I'm on leave, I wanted to take this opportunity to promote other Native Americans in comics."
And:MS: Do you have an opinion about Indigenous characters in comics, video games, and/or pop culture?

JLG: I believe that Native Americans need to be the ones to tell their own story. Look, I’m not trying to say that the films that John Woo (Windtalkers) or Rich Schroeder (Black Cloud) made are bad. I’m for anyone trying to do something good! Plus I’m a huge John Woo fan and Rick Schroeder reviewed one of my films and gave me some real good advice.

Grant Morrison who writes for DC traveled through Arizona and fell in love with Native Culture. In fact, he loved it so much he wrote Super Chief. Grant stopped writing Super Chief because he felt that he was doing an injustice to Native Americans, due to the fact that he himself is not Native American.

I would say that I'm really happy that Native American stories are great to see in games, books, and movies, but I honestly think its time for us to tell our own stories! I really dig the way Natives are portrayed in the Twilight films. Aside from the fact that it's Twilight the Wolf Pack kicks major butt! They are warriors, protecting their people. Trying to do the right thing and definitely not being sidekicks. I honestly believe that they are positive representation of Native People.
Comment:  I read the debut of Super-Chief in the 52 series. I gather Grant Morrison wrote it. If so, Morrison is right: He was doing an injustice to Native Americans. Not because he wasn't Native himself, but because he portrayed Super-Chief with the usual mistakes and stereotypes.

If Twilight's Native werewolves aren't sidekicks, they aren't far from it. Warriors protecting their people...that would apply to almost every Native hero in the popular culture. It's not exactly a stunning new take on Native characters.

For more on La Grange, see Jacques La Grange and Shadow Wolf.

Below:  Shadow Wolf cover #2.

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