April 30, 2012

Indians rally for "KKK" victim

Indian Country Rallies Behind Vern TraversieTraversie had waited seven months before sharing his story through a YouTube video, to the guidance of his former attorney, who informed him not to speak at all. Since the video was released, Indian country has rallied behind Traversie seeking justice for those involved in what some online commenters called a “repulsive” act.

A Facebook page that was set up to raise awareness, “Justice For Vern Traversie,” has hit 4,025 likes and an online petition at change.org that was seeking 1,500 signees now has 6,521 signees. Traversie’s video has also been viewed 33,163 times, almost doubling the total from our initial story. ICTMN’s initial story was shared by 2,068 people on Facebook, 32 on Twitter, 29 e-mailed it and 11 shares on Google+.

Traversie said he’s overwhelmed at the response to his story.

“It’s miraculous, what’s happening,” he marveled. “People are using their Internet connections to share the video, share the story… it’s wonderful that it’s touched so many hearts and minds. I’m so thankful for the compassion people have shown me, for their kindness.”
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Lakota Man Branded with "KKK"?

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