April 26, 2012

Lakota man branded with "KKK"?

Was Lakota Man Victim of a Hate Crime in South Dakota Hospital? The Troubling Story of Vern Traversie

By Heather SteinbergerPhotos of Traversie’s body show scars from the 2011 surgery and prior procedures. They also show deep, scattered wounds—including what look like three Ks across his abdomen.

“You can see the surgery sutures, and they’re clean,” Traversie said. “But those three letters, two good-sized Ks and one smaller one off to the side, had to be made with some sharp knife or heated instrument. It’s like they branded me.”

Traversie’s healthcare worker immediately took her photos to Indian Health Services in Eagle Butte, which requested that Traversie come in immediately. He said his doctor was shocked.

“She said, ‘Why is there KKK on your abdomen? That’s not what surgeons do,’” he recalled. “My pastor was with me, and he said it was a racial hate crime.”
Comment:  I'm not sure the cuts are supposed to say "KKK." The main question is how the cuts got there regardless of what they say.

For more hate crimes against Indians, see Anchorage Racists Caught on YouTube and "Gooks" Assaulted with BBs, Urine.

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