April 04, 2012

Apaches in No Kitchen Required

No Kitchen Required

By Jay TavareIn two decades of working in film and television, I had never participated in a reality show, although I can see the appeal of them and the addiction that some shows inspire. However, all of that changed early this year when I was approached to help a BBC America show get on the Mescalero Apache reservation in New Mexico to shoot an episode of their new and highly anticipated show, No Kitchen Required, a mixture of Survivor meets Amazing Race meets Chopped.

Three masters of the culinary arts--Chef Michael Psilakis, Chef Kayne Raymond, and Chef Madison Cowan, who was the overall winner of the Chopped series--travel to ten exotic locations around the world, meeting the indigenous people of the land. They must hunt and prepare a meal using the traditions of the local people. The catch is, they have no kitchen. They are cooking the tribal way. Then, if they survive the harsh conditions, the bugs, and the lack of equipment, they have to face a panel of tribal elders and be judged on their cooking. I can't leave out the beautiful and sophisticated Dr. Shini Somara, a gracious, articulate host who added to the international feel of this television event. There is more to the plot, but I don't want to ruin the surprises that the show contains.
Comment:  For more about Native food on TV, see The Gathering Place Cookbook and Preview of Growing Native.

Below:  "The master chefs meet the Chiricahua Apache people." (Faz Brahimi for No Kitchen Required/BBC America)

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Had to look this up and make sure "Dr." Gillian McKeith wasn't involved in some way. (I'm boycotting her.)

Looks pretty good.