May 02, 2012

Jigging in Canada's Got Talent

Sagkeeng's Finest take their jigging to finals of Canada's Got TalentThe jig is up . . . or at least it's made it to the final round. Three young dancers who make up Sagkeeng's Finest have advanced to the finals of Canada's Got Talent.

Dallas and Brandon Courchene and Vince O'Laney returned from Toronto to Winnipeg on May 1 and an excited crowd of community supporters were at the airport for an emotional welcome, including 80 people from their home at Sagkeeng First Nation, Manitoba. Many of them were armed with banners, hand-made signs and even bells and whistles.
And:Jigging is a traditional art form in the community. The young men have been jigging for a few years, but they only decided to form the trio this past August, when they first heard about the show.

Their routine is fairly traditional, but they do add some fusion elements from other more modern dance styles. They had a big moment in their performance this week that got them to the final round when they threw a moonwalk in the middle of their routine.
Sagkeeng’s jigging sensations heating up TV screens

Comment:  For more on the subject, see Hoop Dancer in Canada's Got Talent.

Below:  "Dallas and Brandon Courchene and Vince O'Laney make up Sagkeeng's Finest who will go to the finals in Canada's Got Talent." (Jerry Flett/NCI)

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