July 20, 2013

Flying Buffalo Project

Struggling state park spreads awareness with kites

By Katherine MozzoneMontana artist DG House poses with her work. She's one of 20 Native American artists invited to create kites to fly over buffalo jumps as part of the Flying Buffalo Project.

House tells me, when she got the email, she was immediately on board.

"I'd never heard of that before. I've never heard of any Indian project, any native project involving kites," exclaims House.

House says, it's exciting to see her work on a kite but explains the greatest honor is to have a voice in history.

"When you see these kites flying, I'm hoping you'll remember these are real people, millions of buffalo were here, to remember, this is all reality, not just a story," says House.
Comment:  The park's name, buried in the story, is Madison Buffalo Jump State Park.

For more on buffalo jumps, see Torch Relay at Buffalo Jump.

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