July 03, 2013

Native rappers in America's Got Talent

'America's Got Talent' entertained by Native American Rappers 'Mike Bone'

By Roscoe Pond'Lil Mike' & 'Funny Bone' are two short Native American guys who auditioned at San Antonio, Texas. They both wore red t-shirts that spelled out the rap song they were gonna perform “Do the Rain Dance.” They both have long black hair & a great sense of humor about themselves. Howard Stern asked them if they got any dates with girls. 'Lil Mike' said, “Just give me a chair. I'll be alright!” The audience laughed out loud. Howard also asked if they made any money as rap performers. 'Funny Bone' said, “About $300 dollars a show.” Howard replied to that with, “That's a lot of wampum isn't it?” Referring to the Native American necklace with 'wampum' beads.

When they both began their rap song “Do the Rain Dance.” The teen kids in the audience got up & danced. 'Lil Mike' & 'Funny Bone' performed exactly in unison with their rap lyrics plus their dance moves. The judges were entertained & so was the AGT host Nick Cannon who danced backstage to the song. Judge Howie Mandel said that he couldn't get the rap song out of his head, “The Rain Dance.” 'Funny Bone' said, “Wait til you go outside.” The audience roared with laughter. 'Lil Mike' said, “I give it about 30 minutes.” (For it to rain.)
Comment:  A song called Do the Rain Dance sounds stereotypical. But I'd have to hear it to be sure.

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Shawty Do the Rain Dance! Mike Bone Wows America's Got Talent Judges

Howard Stern was skeptical of Mike Bone when the diminutive hip hop duo took the stage on America's Got Talent. "I was not expecting to sit here and enjoy this," he admitted to them after hearing their original composition, "Rain Dance." But he admits he was converted, telling them "You guys did a really credible job."

Rapping brothers Lil Mike and Funny Bone, Pawnee/Choctaw, charmed the other three judges--Mel B of Spice Girls fame, Heidi Klum, and Howie Mandel--and in so doing booked a pair of tickets to Las Vegas for the next phase of the show, which begins tomorrow night on NBC. We don't know whether they're flying first class or coach, but legroom will not be an issue: Lil' Mike stands 4'9" tall, and Funny Bone is 4'8".