July 30, 2013

Studi apologizes to Santa Fe Police

Actor Wes Studi apologizes to police

By Bill RodgersAn actor who was arrested last week on a charge of aggravated DWI has apologized for his behavior toward police during the arrest.

“While I cannot comment on the ongoing legal situation, I want to apologize to law enforcement officers for my behavior that evening,” actor Wes Studi said in a statement through a publicist. “Though it wasn’t apparent, I do have the highest respect for law enforcement.”

Studi goes on to say that, despite his behavior, the Santa Fe Police officers were professional. He states he “deeply respects” and appreciates that.

“I know I’ve hurt family, friends and supporters and I’m deeply sorry,” he states.
Wes Studi apologizes to Santa Fe Police but some fans unforgiving (Video)

By Roscoe PondAccording to the official website of KOB 4 News. Here are several of the immediate comments from New Mexico individuals after Wes Studi's apology. (Spelling & sentence structure corrected for readers).

Anthony Robbin--“Of course after the fact. After he has egg on his face. Alcohol does bad things.”

George Miller--“I am glad he apologized to the police, but he never apologized for his racist remarks he made (watch video!). He was my favorite actor, but no more and until he addresses those comments. I will not watch another of his movies. Again, go to 'www.krqe.com' and watch police video. The media seems to downplay his racist remarks, but it is there for the world to see. I hope he did not mean what he said, but maybe people don't care because he has and never will be a high profile actor like Denzil Washington or John Wayne--and after this he never will be!”

Carletta Murphy--“Blah, Blah. Blah! We've heard it all before. He's a jerk to everyone, (to) Anglos, Native Americans and always will be. The only thing he cares about is his ego and the bottle in his hand. It will happen again and I won't be surprised.”

Michael Dietz--“I believe that when any criminal says he/she is sorry. They are really only sorry they got caught.”

Joseph Sanchez--“It's said (that) when one is drunk the “truth” comes out!”

Louise Marquez--“I too take issue with Mr. Studi's very racist remarks. As an Anglo you can rest assured, actor or normal citizen, if I had made similar comments about a Native American or any other race. I would've been figuratively crucified by the media. I can't help but think that the only reason for his public apology was to attempt to salvage what might be left of his public (not to mention high-paying) career. Bigotry hurts in both directions. Thank you, Mr. Studi, for proving that racism is alive and well in all races!”
Comment:  Roscoe Pond should've corrected his own spelling and punctuation as well as the commenters'. <g>

For more on Wes Studi, see Wes Studi Arrested for DWI and Wes Studi Supports Gay Marriage.

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Anonymous said...

Notice how the clip is micro-managed and narrated. Studi will pay his due in time, self regret and money, so all celebs being fair game.

This is nothing and that was not Wes Studi. That was a drunk. No different than the drunks we all have within our own lives be it our fathers, uncles, brothers, nephews, natives, Mel Gibson and/or ourselves.

US Presidents have been drunks, so a native actor is no shock or something new. We just have America to impress and trust me, America is full of drunks and racists before and after Wes Studi.