March 01, 2014

Before the #NotYourTonto storm

Native Americans Protest 'The Lone Ranger' Oscar Nomination for Redface

By bahesmamaEradicating Offensive Native Mascotry, a group of Native parents from across the country are protesting the nomination of 'The Lone Ranger' for an Academy Award in makeup, basically, for Redface. To this end, they are conducting a “Twitterstorm” under the hashtag #NotYourTonto and will try to trend the hashtag both the Saturday night before the Oscars and during the Oscar broadcast.Some of the better tweets on Saturday and Sunday before the storm, and the links they shared:Debbie Reese ‏@debreese Mar 1
#Parents! #Librarians! Reject racist toys: #NotYourTonto
The Lone Ranger

Debbie Reese ‏@debreese Mar 1
Native film prof calls Depp's Tonto "major setback" #NotYourTonto
UCLA professor says Depp's Tonto reinforces Native American stereotypesLisa Tatonetti ‏@lisatatonetti Mar 1
No one is hurt? Research shows Indigenous children shown Native stereotypes lose "self esteem" and "belief in achievement." #NotYourTonto

tara zhaabowekwe ‏@zhaabowekwe Mar 1
Talented Native actors are available, why the need for #redface? We're capable of representing ourselves onscreen. #NotYourTonto

Debbie Reese ‏@debreese Mar 1
Spinoff bk 4 kids: "He had never seen a real Comanche Indian." That wasn't a real Comanche Indian! That is Depp in redface #NotYourTonto

Jessica Deer ‏@Kanhehsiio Mar 1
Indigenous people are #NotYourTonto #NotYourPocahontas & #NotYourBigChief
Jessica Deer ‏@Kanhehsiio Mar 1
The Lone Ranger reinforces & perpetuates the ideology that Indigenous ppl are one stereotyped monolith rooted in colonialism #NotYourTonto

Mags ‏@Creekleo Mar 1
Art and words by powerful artists @WhatTRIBE @apachesk8boards change the status quo and turn big heads #notyourtonto

Frank Waln ‏@FrankWaln Mar 2
Johnny Depp is nominated for best makeup in his portrayal of a white man dressed like what white ppl think an NDN looks like #NotYourTonto
My contribution

I also contributed to the pre-Oscar fun with the following tweets:

Native movie roles (guesstimate): Lakota, Cheyenne, and other Plains Indians 70%; Navajo and Apache 30%; other tribes 10%. #NotYourTonto

"The Lone Ranger" wins a Razzie award for worst remake/rip-off or sequel. Johnny Depp is shut out. #NotYourTonto,0,5893779.story

'Movie 43' is named worst film of 2013 at the 34th Razzie Awards

Old white men of the Academy have an abysmal track record of honoring the work of minorities. #NotYourTonto #Oscars

The Academy and Diversity, by the Numbers

For more on the subject, see Twitter Storm Planned for Oscars and Razzie Nominations for Lone Ranger.

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