September 01, 2006

Superman vs. the Mad Indian

In April a correspondent brought a Native-themed Superman cartoon to my attention. Here's what one reviewer said about it:Subject: Best of these Fleischer Superman cartoons

This is for my money the most entertaining of these old Superman cartoons. Really fascinating because of its Native American villain, who terrorizes Manhattan (not yet Metropolis) in order to get the land back for "my people." The white folks at the Daily Planet call his belated desire to decolonize Manhattan "fantastic" and "ridiculous." By having us side with Superman, flying white guy from another planet, as he defeats this villain, the cartoon reaffirms & naturalizes the "right" of white Americans to possess land appropriated from Native Americans by previous generations of white Americans.
For the full story, go to The Superman Indian Cartoon.


Anonymous said...

Would have been interesting if this character had evolved into Superman's iconic eternal nemesis instead of Lex Luthor.

Rob said...


I wonder how well Lex Luthor was developed as a character when this cartoon appeared. Maybe it had some influence on Luthor's development.