November 06, 2006

A Sesame Street lesson

Here's how kids generally learn about Indians:


Rob said...

It says the animated Trek was sophisticated compared to most children's programming. ;-)

The Sesame Street presentation tells us that kids learn Indian stereotypes from the media. So does my Tonto Taught Us posting. The evidence is everywhere if you look for it.

Rob said...

Wrong, according to the experts. It's more like the other way around. Parents, schools, churches, and the culture reinforce what the media teaches.

If it's your opinion vs. my evidence, I'll go with the evidence, thanks. From what I've seen, it proves my case overwhelmingly.

Rob said...

Many of the people I quoted in The Harm of Stereotyping: Facts and Evidence are Natives. A few dozen lifetimes of experience are encapsulated in their views. Feel free to contradict them if you can. Preferably with countervailing facts and evidence, that is, not openended questions.

I don't know who wrote the Sesame Street video. But people don't have to be Natives to know where they learned about Native stereotypes. You learned them from your parents and community, I gather. I and many other people, Native and non-Native alike, learned them from the media.