March 01, 2007

Germans overturn film stereotypes

Indianer Inuit:  German Film Festival Breaks Stereotypes and Builds UnderstandingIndianer Inuit is a film festival that crosses cultures and crosses continents, leaving behind the one-dimensional images and prejudices and challenging the romantic notion of the ‘Hollywood Indian’ Europe’s been fed for generations.

Scheduled March 21 through 25 in Stuttgart, Germany, Indianer Inuit is unique in that it fosters an intercultural dialogue by giving guests the opportunity to interact directly with filmmakers and performers. And Europe is interested. The first Indianer Inuit Festival three years ago exceeded all expectations by attracting an estimated 3,000 attendees.
Comment:  The Germans are correcting the stereotyping they helped create by worshipping Indians of the past such as their beloved Winnetou.

The myth:

The reality:

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