March 07, 2007

The colors of the wind

Dalton Walker:  blood quantum, federal recognition and everything in between[I]t goes back to the age old question: Who is Native?

“Well they don’t look Native.”

Yeah, we all heard that one before.

What are we supposed to look like? Chief Yahoo? Are we supposed to have a pony tail? Is our skin tone supposed to be dark brown along with our stoic facial expressions with or without a feather?

The bottom line is that things are changing. Natives can look like anyone. They can be Black, White, Asian...whatever.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Walker states "The bottom line is that things are changing. Natives can look like anyone." I beg to differ, my tribe goes by blood quantum, 1/4 as a matter of fact, and when I visit the rez or attend a Tribal meeting I can truly see that we all look alike. Not a blond head in sight! And yes we do recognize each other as native. White people always ask if I'm Asian. I never get that from Indians.
I don't think there is anything wrong or racist wanting Indians to actually have Indian blood.
I can't help but think that if the Cherokee had implemented a blood quantum way back "when" they would not be having these problems today. You know what they say, hindsight is 20/20. As I have said before, my heart goes out to the Cherokee people and I wish them well.


Rob said...

Since Indians now live in a political system based on laws and the Constitution, everything about them is a political matter.

Rob said...

Yes, I'm a veritable Jefferson of a politician.

If you need me to explain how something that doesn't seem political is in fact political, just let me know.