March 12, 2007

Cody Lightning talks

Cody Lightning Talks...“The One About Bikes,” Snowboarding, Writing Comedies, and Man ThongsCody Lightning has acting in the genes. His mother Georgina and siblings Crystle and William have all made their mark, whereas Cody himself has been performing in front of the camera since he was a small child in productions like TNT's Geronimo and Smoke Signals. Most recently, he's earned a lot of positive buzz for his role as Cufe Smallhill in Sterlin Harjo's Four Sheets to the Wind. Read on as Misty and Cody dish about making movies, soap operas, typecasting, and well…you'll see. ~CML

What film did you enjoy making the most?
It had to be Smoke Signals. It was my first time working with Adam Beach and we had soooo much fun.

Ever had one that sucked?
No.... but there have been a few that I could have been OK passing up. Student films. I love the work, however, the inexperience gets annoying at times.

What would be your dream role?
The son of Wolverine. ... Hey, it’ll happen sooner or later

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