March 02, 2007

All-American Indian

Everybody's Native All-American

Oklahoma freshman Jenna Plumley is anything but ordinary.An Oklahoma high school legend by the time her freshman season at Frontier High School was over, Plumley led her team to the Class A state title, claiming MVP honors at the ripe old age of 15. She'd go on to win another state championship during her high school days.

Plumley would be a star even if an entire nation of people didn't idolize her--yet she has an entire race of people watching her every crossover. She's one of the .5 percent of Division I women's basketball players to be a full-blooded Native American Indian.

"It means so much," Plumley said after her team's stirring 88-61 win over rival Baylor, a game in which she started and dished out a game-high seven assists. "Being able to come to Oklahoma and the majority of Native Americans being from Oklahoma, they follow me everywhere.

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