March 03, 2007

Only Native gallery in the Midwest

Suburbs a focal point for American Indian culture revivalBunky Echo-Hawk, a Colorado-based artist, said he and the Trickster Gallery both want to break down the stereotype that American Indian art is only baskets and beads, pottery and feathers.

Echo-Hawk's work has been part of two exhibits at the gallery, a traveling group show called "Impacted Nations" and a solo exhibition, "Weapons of Mass Media."

His paintings combine arrestingly modern images with a clearly defined point of view. There's Yoda from "Star Wars" in traditional American Indian dress, the fictional "Napoleon Dynamite" standing outside a teepee, and Sitting Bull interviewed by Larry King on CNN.

"I am excited to see Trickster Gallery grow," Echo-Hawk said. "I believe a strong seed has been planted. I will always consider the gallery one of my favorite places to show, and hope to exhibit there again soon."

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