March 04, 2007

Two films in three days

It's a wrap:  1st Annual 'Creative Spirit' shoots, screens and scores"Pow Wow Dreams," written and directed by Lucaj, tells the story of four sisters (played by Delanna Studi, Elena Finney, Thirza Defoe and Lucaj) who live life on the road going from pow wow to pow wow, but face a crisis when one of the sisters decides to leave the group.

"He Can't Be Caught," written by Bordeaux and directed by Lujan, tells the story of a young couple (played by Eva Thomas and Ian James) who, on their way home from a Halloween party on the reservation, come across a fallen figure in the darkness (Mark Reed) who may or may not be Bigfoot.


Rob said...

Independent filmmakers like these can't afford a big-budget, FX-laden movie. Still, they should strive to do something fresh and original. Without having seen their movies, I don't know if they met this standard.

On the other hand, I once proposed a Native superhero movie that didn't require special effects, so I know it's possible.

Rob said...

The article didn't say anything more about the movies than in the excerpt I quoted. In other words, it summarized each film in a sentence. I'm not "creative" enough to judge the style, tone, or quality of a film based on a one-sentence summary--regardless of the subject matter.

You yourself have written a Bigfoot story. Are you telling us your choice of subject matter is trite and clichéd? Or is it possible to do fresh, original Bigfoot stories as well as trite, clichéd ones?

Rob said...

That also could be the theme of this Bigfoot movie. Since the article doesn't say and you don't know, spare us the guesses.

Rob said...

Talk to you about your guesses, Russ? Okay. You know next to nothing about the Bigfoot film "because you relied totally on the words and judgments of others while committing NONE of your own time or efforts on which to found your opinions. That qualifies you for Chapter 11 intellectual bankruptcy."

In other words, you just condemned yourself. Oops.

Rob said...

So you've come up with an excuse for commenting on something you haven't seen, eh? Well, I'm glad to use that excuse too. What I sometimes write are critiques based on other people's critiques. People do this all the time--for instance, commenting on Bush's foreign policy or the history of Jamestown even though they haven't seen a single source document on the subject. Most of the time, my critiques have "simply been correct"--as in the case of Apocalypto. Thus, I'll continue doing what you've excused yourself for doing.