May 19, 2007

Native hip hop

Native American hip hopNative American hip hop is popular among Native Americans in the United States and the First Nations of Canada. Native American rappers began performing in the 1980s and '90s, drawing on influences such as John Trudell's spoken word poetry. Litefoot and Shadowyze, both winners of the Native American Music Award, are the best known Native American rappers. Along with them are other noted artists such as Buggin Malone, who won the NAMA in 2006, Julian B, Without Rezervation, and Robby Bee & the Boyz From the Rez.

Other recent groups include Tha Tribe, who use elements of powwow music in their recordings, and War Party, a Canadian crew who became the first native performers to host Rap City. War Party is one of a number of Canadian groups to gain some chart success, including Tru Rez Crew and Slangblossom.

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