May 31, 2007

Preview of Montclair exhibit

Taken from a press release:The Comic Book Super-Hero:  America’s Mythology, Society’s Mirror

This important 2007 exhibit by the prestigious Montclair Art Museum not only recognizes the comic book as a true art form as indigenous to America as jazz, but also presents comic books as reflectors of a changing American culture from the 1930s to today, and hails comic book super-heroes as America’s modern-day mythology.

Using rare, first issues of comic books that have fetched prices in excess of $400,000 and one-of-a-kind original artwork from historic comic books which have never been available for display to the general public or to the generations of fans, The Montclair Art Museum exhibit honors the long-ignored geniuses of story and art who founded an industry, forged super-heroes out of their fertile imaginations, and both entertained and educated audiences for nearly 75 years.
Comment:  I hope to be a guest at this exhibit and speak about Indian comics.

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