May 20, 2007

O'odham myth inspires mazes

Following a path to serenityAs a child growing up on the Tohono O'odham Reservation, a young Jordan Francisco remembers the designs his grandmother taught him about the "Man in the Maze."

Linked to the story about a god who resides in a cave below the peak of Baboquivari Peak on the O'odham Reservation, the design in the "Man in the Maze" tells a story about the different stages in life, said Francisco, 41.

"Each line symbolizes a time in our life—birth, childhood, puberty, marriage and death—it's continuous," Francisco said. "He's a prominent figure for all of us in our journey of life."

The "Man in the Maze" is now being incorporated into labyrinth paths around the region, with one featured at the Morris K. Udall Center, and the posh Miraval Life in Balance Tucson Resort & Spa.

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