May 31, 2007

Thunder in the Desert

Thunder in the Desert to rumble into TucsonThe event is billed as "10,000 years of culture--150 tribal nations--10 days--all in one location"; and despite a full and busy agenda, organizer Fred Synder advises: "Take your watch off and put it in your pocket," because nothing starts until the medicine men and the Gourd dancers finish blessing the grounds.

The year 2008 will mark the third encounter of First People's New Millennium World Fair and the Thunder in the Desert premier event at Rillito Raceway Park in Tucson.

"Native Americans feel it important to commemorate the 21st century as a special time in history," Synder said. "Symbolically, a mark will be placed on a calendar stick and a design inscribed on buffalo hide to celebrate the continued existence of the people throughout the past millennium--and a recommitment made to continue the strength, beauty and endurance of tradition and culture."

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