June 10, 2007

Chippewa graphic novel

The Illustrated History of the Chipppewas of NawashWhy you should buy a whole lot of Illustrated Histories ...

* They are very pretty ... 68 pages of hand-drawn and coloured panes throughout by award-winning Nawash artist Polly Keeshig-Tobias (she also designed the stained glass window in the Wiarton hospital and numerous posters)

* They are easy to read ... Written in comic-book style, often using original quotes from the archives.

* They are thoroughly researched and referenced ... 18 pages of references to original documents, 5 coloured maps, all the relevant treaties reprinted in full, and a page of Ojibway words used in the text.

* They are educational ... Each of the 11 episodes tells a story that is familiar to all Anishnabe and which should be familiar to all Canadians. Together the episodes show how First Nations lost their lands and resources and how, now, they are re-gaining them.

What other authors and historians have said ...

"Your Illustrated History tells the Native side of a sadly familiar story without misrepresenting or avoiding the salient facts." --Ronald Wright, author of Stolen Continents

"Polly has succeeded where historians, sociologists, ethnographers, anthropologists have failed. [This book] deserves to be in classrooms. I'll wager that it will generate greater appeal than conventional histories." --Dr. Basil Johnston, author of School Days, The Manitous and many other books.

"What a wonderfully accessible way to tell a story!" --Daniel David Moses, Native poet, author and playwright.

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