June 16, 2007

Mankiller goes to Dartmouth

Lessons of tolerance:  former Cherokee chief brings experience to Dartmouth College--Wilma MankillerWhile at Dartmouth, Mankiller will give several guest lectures around campus, at the nearby Vermont School of Law, and will host a number of informal discussions about Native American issues. But her most important goal during her winter-long visit, will be to meet and get to know the 150 or so Native American students on campus, and help them become active and secure in their heritage. In New Hampshire, that task is doubly important, she said.

"I hope to be able to eliminate negative stereotypes (New Englanders) have about Native American people," she said. "Because there is such a lack of accurate information about Native American people the vacuum gets filled with nonsensical stereotypes. By my being here, I can help talk about our contemporary life and our contemporary issues, and put it into some kind of historical context as well."

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