June 13, 2007

Debate on trademarking "Katonah"

Interesting debate on Martha Stewart's attempt to trademark "Katonah" over at Racialicious:Here’s why I’m not buying the “disrespect towards Indigenous Peoples” argument. There are businesses in Katonah, for instance Katonah Dry Cleaners, with the town’s name included in their moniker. Has the Lenape Nation lodged complaints about them; none that we know of, right? But now, Martha Stewart wants to get in on the act with products inspired by or created on her farm in Katonah, and all of sudden it’s a racial/political issue. If the Lenape Nation hasn’t complained about the other Katonah based businesses with their ancestor’s name on their storefronts, then why go after Martha Stewart? I can think of five, six, maybe seven figured reasons why.Rob says:  Check it out.

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