June 27, 2007

Indian dog training?

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1 comment:

writerfella said...

Writerfella here --
For 15 years, writerfella owned a Siberian Husky named Madd Maxx, and if there ever was an Indian Dog, he was it. He warmed to Native people quite well indeed and backed away from and growled at every white or Black person he ever met. He was a joy of a pet and would sit with writerfella to enjoy sunsets. If Madd Maxx could have talked, he and writerfella would have shared deep conversations about the world as they both knew it. writerfella learned quite a lot about Husky dogs, including the fact that they can jump more than fifteen feet in the air. We walked together every day along a canal road to the south of The BatesMotel and, one day, there was a huge water moccasin in the grass beside the road. Madd Maxx jumped so high, he almost broke the leash that writerfella carried. Then he grabbed the snake by the neck and killed it before it could strike writerfella. We were friends for all of that time and he might even be alive right now but for a mistake writerfella made without realizing it. The town of Anadarko could not afford mosquito spraying one summer and writerfella did not know that dogs should receive twice their normal dosage of Ivomectin to prevent heartworm infection from mosquito bites. Madd Maxx died horribly and there was nothing writerfella could do to save him. He misses his canine friend something fierce...
All Best
Russ Bates