July 11, 2007

Colorado trip pix (Day 2)

Bryce Canyon National Park--June 28, 2007

Indian lore:

  • Ancestral Puebloans occupied the site on our morning walk in Zion some 1,000 years ago.

  • On the way out of Zion, we passed a Native American Cultural Center, but we didn't have time to stop there. They had a group of tipis set up, perhaps as campsites for rent. We saw similar tipis at a campground near Bryce.

  • As Bryce's NPS site notes, "This area boasts some of the world's best air quality, offering panoramic views of three states and approaching 200 miles of visibility." Thus, we were able to see the sacred Navajo Mountain from 100 miles away.

  • Later that day, on the way out of Bryce, we passed Anasazi State Park. We didn't have time to stop there either.
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