July 09, 2007

PETA criticizes Sioux slaughterhouse

PETA calls for investigation of Gordon slaughterhouseAn animal-rights group has called for a state investigation into a Gordon meatpacking plant it claims mistreats animals during the slaughtering process.

In a complaint filed Monday with the Sheridan County Attorney, the group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals said Local Pride LLC allows cows to remain conscious for up to two minutes after their throats are cut during the kosher slaughtering process, among other things.

PETA vice president Bruce Friedrich called the practice illegal and cruel.

Local Pride opened in June 2006 under an agreement between the Sholom Rubashkin family of New York and the Oglala of South Dakota's Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

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writerfella said...

Writerfella here --
writerfella has to ask, isn't this a bit like the potsmoker calling the kettleboiler, black?
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Russ Bates