October 22, 2007

Hip hop with a difference

Native Beatz, Hip Hop With a Real MessageUnlike many groups I come into contact with, Native Beatz is different since they are on a mission of sorts. At first glance their music is catchy with the rhythmic beat of hip hop. But when you listen to the words they tell a compelling story. Their music is inspired by the realities of Native life. "Street" by any standard, their work focuses on social issues and conditions impacting our Native youth today. It’s not just about making music and money for them—it’s all about making a difference and empowering our Native youth in a positive way.

They are more than just a hip hop group with style and a beat. They are role models and work with youth when and where ever they can.

Recently they were at the Lummi Reservation and hosted the Lummi Youth Summit. Their goal was to be a positive influence and to act as liaison between the youth and tribal elders. They played music, held talks with the kids by discussing their lives, aspirations for the future, drugs and other issue the kids wanted input in. The band spent four days on the rez spending time with the kids and showing them that people do care and that there is a future for those who pursue their dreams and goals.

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