January 12, 2008

Is Yucca Mountain dead?

Symbolically, a door closes for nuclear dump at Yucca

Fenced-off tunnel seen as progress by those for and against[I]f a gate over the entrance doesn’t do it, when will we know that Yucca Mountain is dead?

Last year, one of the answers to that question was that the project’s demise would be evident if it were delivered a serious financial blow. Check. That happened in December when Congress cut $100 million from Yucca Mountain, slicing more than 20 percent off the project’s budget.

Fallout from the budget cut is being felt. In addition to the 63 layoffs by month’s end, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has been forced to cancel a public meeting this month in Las Vegas as it reduces its travel budget. A part of the commission budget that funds Yucca Mountain was similarly reduced by Reid’s maneuver.
Comment:  For more on the subject, read my story about Yucca Mountain at PEACE PARTY vs. Toxic Waste.

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writerfella said...

Writerfella here --
This is a matter that writerfella has opposed from the very first moment that it was promulgated. So much so, that it became the issue central to the storyline of a TV series proposal called FREELANCE. writerfella and his cousin, Milton Paddlety, co-created a concept wherein two young white TV newsmen strike out on their own and decide to roam the USA searching for independent news items that then are transmitted to UNN, Uplink Network News, for payment. Eventually, they ally with a Native cameraman, a former Navy Seal, and discover that his Montana tribal governors secretly are allowing nuclear waste to be stored in mines on their tribal lands.
FREELANCE still is in option rotation, and so there still is hope, if not just continuous cash...
All Best
Russ Bates