April 03, 2010

Hall wants to look "wrinkled" like Indians

Hall Shuns Surgery For American Indian LookMick Jagger’s ex-wife Jerry Hall has passed her modeling mantle onto her daughters--because she’s now too "fat, wrinkled and old" to grace magazine covers.

The Texan beauty was an acclaimed fashion model during her 1970s and 1980s heyday, and strutted the runways well into her 40s.

But the star admits her time in front of the camera is up and she’s adamant she will steer clear of surgery--insisting she wants to look like an ancient American Indian.

She tells Woman and Home, “I’m going for the eccentric, wrinkled suntanned look instead. I love the sun. I want to look like a North American Indian--big jewellery and wrinkled, suntanned skin. Much better than the skinny, cut-up look.”
Comment:  Hmm. I would've said the typical Native elder is less wrinkled than average, not more. Like their Asian forbears, Natives seem to age well, with fewer lines on their faces. Maybe that's just my imagination, but I think you'd be hard-pressed to prove they're more wrinkled than average.

Moreover, Hall ignores the fact that most Natives, like most people, make an effort to look youthful as they age. Diet and exercise, makeup and hair dye, even plastic surgery. If Natives ever were more wrinkled than average, I doubt they are now.

In short, Hall has a stereotypical view of Native elders. Not a big stereotype compared to others we've seen recently, but a stereotype nonetheless.


dmarks said...

Maybe she can pick a funny name like Speidi, and get partway there.

I think her brain is too smooth, not wrinked enough, that is the problem.

10th Little Indian said...

Everyone knows that non-Natives age much faster. It is just common knowledge. I saw some beautiful Native women last night that were physically in shape and attractive as hell in her same age group or possibly older.
Stereotypical comments like hers are not worth attention. Marrying Mick Jagger was probably the smartest thing she ever did and that doesn't say alot either.
You should just brush her off since her career is waning as is her looks. I believe that people who cut their faces up in plastic surgery insult the beauty the creator gives them and in the end, the scars show, so she is not the worst racist out there. There are bigger fish to fry like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck whom grasp a larger audience than this blonde bimbo!

dmarks said...

Right. Hall was well known 5 or so "Batman" movies ago, but that's about it.

m. said...

I laughed so hard when I read this. She will age and wrinkle...like a Caucasian woman! One of my aunts (now well into her fifties) used to confuse people who thought she was my teenaged sister when I was little. I'm in my mid-twenties and still carded, and have been nearly refused drinks/have to insist that my ID isn't fake...in Korean and Japanese restaurants, LOL. I'm Navajo and Hopi, our elders live in an environment where the sun is constantly beating down...yet I've never seen one elder more wrinkly than people of any other race! She is a deluded white woman.

So, um, I don't really think it's Rob's imagination.

10th Little Indian:
This may not be a pressing issue, but you have to admit that it is good for a laugh.