January 26, 2013

Documentary about Jim Pepper

An article about a documentary titled Pepper's Pow Wow:

Tulalips screen film about American Indian jazz great

By Theresa GoffredoPepper's heritage is Creek and Kaw and the film shows a rare, personal glimpse into the life of this jazz innovator, who made his name on the European stage rather than back home in America.

The film pays tribute to Pepper's life along with sharing his music, including a recording of his grandfather, Ralph Pepper, singing the original chant that became the basis for "Witchi Tai To."

Pepper played the tenor saxophone and the film opens with him performing the song "Caddo Revival" during the Kaw Pow Wow in Oklahoma, where Pepper grew up.

In the film, Pepper is recorded as saying music created by American Indians "comes directly from the ground, from the earth, from the four directions and the music is a healing force."
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Kaw/Creek Jazz Saxophonist and Hard Rock Promotes Native Musicians.

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