January 15, 2013

Park Service restores Alcatraz graffiti

Alcatraz pays tribute to Indian occupation

American Indians Activists' painted statement is emblazoned on tower once more

By Carl Nolte
The National Park Service does not usually approve of graffiti. "It's a federal offense," said Marcus Koenen, site supervisor for Alcatraz, the former prison that is now part of a national park.

However, the government has made an exception for graffiti left behind during the Indian occupation of the island--and it helped restore signs painted by hand on a landmark water tower.

"PEACE AND FREEDOM WELCOME HOME OF THE FREE INDIAN LAND," the writing says in red letters 4 and 5 feet high.

"We restored it because it has a social significance," Koenen said recently. "It is part of what this park is all about."
Comment:  For more on Alcatraz, see Review of Contrary Warrior and Indian Cultural Center at Alcatraz.

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dmarks said...

A new "Newspaper Rock" indeed.