January 24, 2013

Navajo Nation band at the inauguration

President Obama delivers second inaugural address

By Alysa LandryFollowing his speech, Obama led the inaugural parade, which snaked along a 1.5-mile route along Pennsylvania Avenue from the Capitol building to the White House. Tens of thousands of spectators filled bleachers that lined the route.

It was one of the biggest–and most prestigious–audiences the Navajo Nation Band has ever had.

"It was a bit cold and everyone was nervous," Darwyn Jackson, band director, said during a phone interview Tuesday. "But once we made that final turn onto Pennsylvania Avenue, we knew we were making history."

About 80 band members made the journey from the Navajo Nation to march in the parade, Jackson said. The parade included entries from across the country, hand-selected by the Presidential Inauguration Committee.

After walking the route himself, Obama took his place at the Presidential Reviewing Stand, where he waved and cheered for about 8,800 people participating in the parade, including bands, dancers, celebrity musicians and children on unicycles.

"Some of us got the chance to see Obama," said Valerie Harrison, the band's administrative coordinator and assistant band director. "Some of us saw him wave at us."
Comment:  For more on the 2013 inauguration, see At the NMAI's Inaugural Ball and Woman Warriors on CBS.

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