August 18, 2013

Places Europeans actually discovered

Places Actually Discovered by Europeans, Mapped

The tiny islands that European explorers really did discover.

In recent decades, respect for European explorers, such as Christopher Columbus, has waned, likely because these once-romanticized swashbuckling adventurers killed people, eradicated cultures, and “discovered” places that people (for example, the natives) already knew about. They did make some discoveries, though—lands never inhabited or where the inhabitants were already dead before Europeans made landfall. The map above, from historian and cartographer Bill Rankin, shows those places and the country that discovered each.Comment:  For more on Columbus, see Winning the War on Columbus? and Columbus Day Celebrates Conquest.

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dmarks said...

I see on the map the Falkland Islands, first found by British explorers. And now "claimed" by Argentina, in an effort that is purely imperialistic (land theft for theft's sake').