April 23, 2014

Cherokee whistleblower in Good Wife

In the All Tapped Out episode of The Good Wife (airdate: 4/20/14):Florrick/Agos takes on the case of an NSA whistleblower, only to learn that the agency has been monitoring the firm as well as Alicia’s personal life.At a hearing, the NSA refuses to discuss the whistleblower's job performance, claiming it's classified. The Florrick/Agos lawyers counter:

The Good Wife: All Tapped Out“If the NSA refuses to be forthcoming about my client’s wrongful demotion, then we will be forced to file a civil rights claim, in federal court.” Nice. Fight bureaucratic stupidity with more stupidity. “On what grounds?” Garvey grumbles. “This was an act of discrimination against a man of a protected class.” What, Froines grumbles. “Mr. Dellinger. What nationality are you?” “Irish, Dutch, and, ah, Cherokee.” Now that is convenient. Froines can’t believe it. Because clearly it’s okay for him to hide behind legal protections that don’t apply to him, but it’s an outrage if someone else does it? “How much Cherokee?” he demands.

“This nation has discrimination laws in place to protect citizens like my client, a proud descendant of the Cherokee nation of … Oklahoma,” Clarke nods firmly. Cary smiles to himself that wonderfully secretive Cary smile. “This is absurd,” Garvey glowers through his glasses. “Their claim is an obvious pretext which Mr. Dellinger will surely lose.” Maybe so, Cary shrugs. But these cases become part of the record. “You know, the public record?” Clarke adds. “The record open to the public?” Ha ha ha ha ha! I love them. I mean, this is all a steaming pile of horse manure, but I’m glad somebody knows how to shovel it. Garvey wants a recess, and the twitchy, nervous little judge grants it in his nervous little baby voice. Clark permits himself a tiny smile of satisfaction.
Comment:  I'm guessing the threatened lawsuit would go nowhere fast. It might get thrown out before it even went to trial.

But it's good to see a TV show acknowledge Native issues, even obliquely. Like Castle, The Mentalist, and a few other shows, The Good Wife is aware that Natives still exist.

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