October 31, 2014

Gerard Butler's girlfriend in a headdress

Gerard Butler and girlfriend are perfectly in sync as a cowboy and Indian while Mel Gibson shirks costume altogether at pre-Halloween party in LA

By Carolyn HiblenHere's hoping his new love has some Native American Indian in her otherwise she'll find herself at the centre of the kind of racially insensitive uproar for her outfit choice so many have faced before her.

The leggy brunette left very little to the imagination as she put her lean and toned physique on display in a tan leather bra, a tan animal skin loincloth-like skirt that was only tied at the sides, revealing her entire legs and thighs.

She wore a bone chestpiece over the top, offering a small amount of coverage, while she added height to her already impressive stature with tan suede peep-toe booties with fringing on the backs and carried a tan leather satchel over one shoulder.

She wore her long locks in plaited pigtails and kept her make-up fresh and natural, with a huge traditional colourful feathered headdress on over the top adding plenty of drama and ensuring she stood out from the pack.
Comment:  It wouldn't matter if the mystery woman had some Native heritage. Nobody should wear headdresses as a costume, and women shouldn't wear them at all.

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