October 23, 2014

"Honoring" savage Indians since 1933!

Check Out All This Cool Vintage Redskins Gear!!!


By Jack Shepard
I found this super cool vintage Redskins sweatshirt in the back of my closet today and I thought it would be fun to have a look at all the awesome vintage Redskins gear that’s out there!

Comment:  Who knows? Maybe the first image is supposed a red-skinned potato.

On the bright side, it appears the team was an early supporters of gay rights, judging by the rainbow flags.

Here we see exactly what the Washington team has "honored" since it adopted the "Redskins" name in 1933. Namely, the stereotypical idea of Indians as half-naked, warlike savages.

With their menacing spears and tomahawks and scowls, they'll go on the warpath and kill anyone who opposes them. "Scalp 'em, swamp 'em, we will take 'em big score!"

This message is in the team's original fight song and it's in their merchandise. The whole concept of "Redskins" is racist and has been from the beginning.

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