June 04, 2007

Muckleshoots to save Sonics?

Could tribe save the Sonics?Santos pitched his idea to the tribe: Why not build a new arena for the Sonics? The tribe has the land. It has a casino full of money. It runs a summer-concert venue, the White River amphitheater, and could use that operation to book concerts for an arena in the winter.

Muckleshoot leaders such as John Daniels Jr. don't get excited much, Santos says. Or if they do, you'd never know it.

"But his eyes lit up at the thought of the tribe saving the Sonics. They've become very energized about it."

Last week, the tribal council asked its staff to pursue the idea, including putting together a financing plan that would likely propose a sharing of costs among the Sonics, the tribe and the state.

It's far from a done deal. The tribe's chairwoman, Charlotte Williams, confirmed the tribe is interested but cautioned, "The matter has not progressed to the point where any serious discussions have taken place."
Muckleshoot to propose moving Sonics to its landThe Muckleshoot Tribe is actively crafting a proposal that could move the Sonics to a new arena on tribe-owned land in Auburn.

The idea has attracted interest since Sonics owner Clay Bennett met with tribal officials in February at former NBA star and Sonics coach Bill Russell's home on Mercer Island, said Bob Santos, the longtime civic and International District activist who arranged the meeting.

The tribal council last week directed its staff to examine a potential partnership with Bennett, and how a new arena would be financed, tribal spokesman Rollin Fatland said.

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writerfella said...

Writerfella here --
Whatever will keep the Sonics out of sight and out of mind of Oklahoma B-Ball idiots is good enough for writerfella. Just because the ownera are headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahomans are in denial that the Sonics have no reason to stay in the Seattle area. The whole debacle came beause the New Orleans Hornets stopgapped in OKC after Katrina destroyed their venue. But as soon as their arena in New Orleans was refurbished, -Poof!- the Hornets were gone. Basketball is about as exciting to writerfella as is Scottish log tossing, or in fact even is less exciting...
All Best
Russ bates