June 04, 2007

Zuni wins coloring contest

Coloring contest winner takes trip

Zuni third-grader is statewide champContinental Divide Electric Cooperative can boast that it has its first ever statewide safety-poster coloring contest winner. The New Mexican Rural Electric Cooperative Association began their annual statewide contest 23 years ago. The competition involves pupils who represent the various New Mexico electric co-ops. Mac Juarez, spokesman for CDEC said, "We couldn't be prouder of this year's winner. She is Nicole Vacit, a third-grader at Dowa Yalanne Elementary School in Zuni."

Vacit, age 9, attended the award ceremony last week. She had a choice to make regarding the prize. The option was between a $2,500 savings bond or an educational tour of Washington with her parents. Although the savings bond would have been nice, patriotism and national pride won the day, and Vacit chose the Washington trip over the money. Vacit was excited about winning the contest and her choice of prize.

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