June 03, 2009

Apache vs. gladiator

Hey section8, you see "Deadliest Warrior" this week?I caught this show last night on Spike called "Deadliest Warrior." Each week they pit a warrior from different time periods to face one another in combat. Experts representing both sides are brought in and the weapons and techniques are examined, measured, and calculated through scientific (or as scientific as you can get on cable tv) experiments. At the end of the show, all the numbers and what not are crunched into a computer and we get a reenactment of who would win in a fight. Yeah, it's basic cable "edu-tainment" so there's alot of hyperbole, alot of chest-pounding, alot of "(BLANK) WERE THE DEADLIEST FIGHTERS KNOWN TO MAN," thrown here and there. I feel that whatever facts, information, or history presented should be taken with a grain of salt and shouldn't be seen as comprehensive. Still it's a good introduction to these cultures.

Anyway, the premire episode this week was pretty interesting: Apache vs. Gladiator. I really liked this b/c you rarely if ever see specials devoted to examining the fighting arts and tactics of Native American cultures. The Apache specialists they brought seemed pretty cool as well. Really liked the little bits of the trash talk b/w them and the Gladiator experts throughout the show. Bit of a spoiler here, but Apaches won this match-up.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Rampaging in Geronimo and Resistance in Geronimo.

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