June 11, 2009

Native Hoop website and magazine

Native Hoop Magazine becomes a realityCreating a site by Natives for Natives: Native Hoop’s first endeavor was a site formed as a family-oriented social site, primarily for tribal members, family and supporters of Native communities.

Native Hoop launched in January and has grown steadily in numbers, mainly by word of mouth. Its Native members span across North America and around the globe; many feeling it’s a home away from home. Many donate their time to help in various areas of “The Hoop.”

Native Hoop was honored to co-sponsor the West Coast American Indian Music Awards held in Lummi, Wash. May 9.

Not only has Native Hoop launched its social site, but also has created 2 BlogTalkRadio stations (The Hoop and Native Hoop), a LiveStream online TV station (Navhp), Native Hoop Magazine, and soon an online radio station at Live365 that will operate 24/7; all to promote Native peoples.
Here's a statement from one of the principals:Hello, my name is Mandy M. Reyes aka 1 crAYEzeeNDN and I am the Co editor of Native Hoop Magazine. I would like to take this oppertunity to welcome all of you.. Native Hoop Magazine is about showcasing different talents, skills, and acquired learnings from different Natives across the United States of America and beyond. We are a very talented race, comprised of many different nations,tribes,clans ect. We have the upmost respect for all our our native peoples, and want to provide a place for people all over the world to be able to see what we have known all along.Comment:  Ambitious plans. If it were me, I'd start small and work my way up. And I'd check my spelling and punctuation carefully before going to print.

Like any other product, a publication should have a unique selling proposition. I'm curious what Native Hoop's magazine offers that isn't in Native Peoples, Say magazine, Redskin magazine, Red Ink, Native Youth Magazine, Native Montana, Native Wisconsin, etc. It needs a special spin like, say, Newspaper Rock's.

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