December 05, 2009

Birmingham gets buzz too

Exclusive:  Twitter embraces Twilight's Native star Gil Birmingham

By Tammy ToddTwitter users are having fun discovering Native American talent thanks to the exciting New Moon spotlight of Native American characters. On the forefront is actor Gil Birmingham, Twilight's Billy Black. He's amassed an amazing 69,000 plus followers and has created much buzz on Twitter with his many public appearances. He created excitement at the Native American music awards in October and with the reprising of his Billy Black character in New Moon which debuted late last month.

Birmingham who is from the Comanche tribe, tells's Twitter Entertainment Examiner that as Native Americans, "We are a people with a strong sense of history and our traditions, but we are more than just our history. We live and work all over the country, and are not all living or were raised on reservations. People all over the world are fascinated with the Native American way of life, but they think we dress in traditional regalia and chant all the time, lol. We don’t. While we hold our sacred traditions very high, we dress, talk, act and live like everyone else. I believe in the oneness of human beings, and that all are connected."
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Pix of Billy Black and the Wolf Pack and Quileute Werewolves in Twilight.

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