December 30, 2010

Liberals mock UN declaration scare

The liberal media is starting to notice the right-wing freak-out over the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Here are some of their reactions:

Shocker:  Obama to give America back to IndiansCongratulations, 2010, for fitting in one more completely insane made-up right-wing scandal: Barack Obama is going to give Manhattan back to the Indians! Also the U.N. will help, because grrrr, the U.N.!The new "birtherism":  Obama ceding America back to Native AmericansThis is only slightly less kooky than good ol' Colorado governor candidate Dan Maes' great UN-taking-over-American-cities-with-bicycles conspiracy theory, but mark my words, it's going to get traction. Pretty soon we're going to be seeing it on Beck and then Limbaugh and before you know it, Michele Bachmann will be introducing resolutions on the House floor about it.Well I for One Welcome Our New Tribal OverlordsBonus for the wingers, an all-new (all old) group of people to hate in Native Americans. Combine the specter of "Oh noes, reparations!" with the fever dreams of "He's not really one of us," add a layer of "One World UN Gubment!" and stir in a big sticky glob of good ol' racism and you get "Obama is gonna give Manhattan back to them!"When Obama Gives NYC to Indians, Will They Plow Streets?Problematically, the Lenni Lenapes in New Jersey and Pennsylvania are not officially recognized as tribes by the federal government. But once Obama establishes a Muslim caliphate in Washington, that will hardly matter.Native Americans:  'Our New Overlords'

Comment:  These bloggers have summed up the problem succinctly. This nascent movement is the new birtherism. It gives right-wingers another group to hate, another way to smear Obama as a Muslim Kenyan anti-American traitor. It's the umpteenth conservative attempt to gain votes by lying and fearmongering. It's racist.

For more on the UN declaration, see Obama's UN "Coup" Is "Chilling" and Farah Wants Manhattan Back. For more on hating Obama, see Any Excuse to Hate Obama and Hate Abounds in "Post-Racial" America.

Below:  Obama embraces his tribal side as he prepares to give America to the world's "mud people"--i.e., people like himself.

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