December 29, 2010

Powwow nominated for Grammy

Powwow Earns Grammy NominationLast year's Gathering of Nations Pow Wow at University Stadium has been nominated for a Grammy.

The 2010 Gathering of Nations Pow Wow: 'A Spirit's Dance' will compete for the Grammy in the Best Native American Music Album category.
Comment:  For more on Native Grammys, see Miller Wins 3rd Grammy and 2009 Grammy Nominees.


Wild One said...

I never thought I'd see a Pow Wow nominated for a Grammy. Cool though. If you're going to nominate a Pow Wow, Gathering of Nations is a good one to choose!

Burt said...

A Grammy, really? Does this mean that those of us that did not attend will be able to hear a sample of this celebrated music, or is this one of those "it's not just who you know, but who you blow" nominations?

Someone must be really connected and had a real good time at the nine after the pow-wow in order to have the Gathering nominated for a Grammy. I am not impressed.

Rob said...

As the article says, the Grammys have a Best Native American Music Album category. Presumably Natives win a Grammy every year in this category alone.