December 19, 2010

Nanook Iluak in NORTHERN GUARD #1

Comics critic Greg Burgas writes about a new Native superhero in What I bought--15 December 2010:On the first page, a woman named Anne Knight tries to stop an illegal drilling operation in the frozen north of Canada. The bad guys turn guns on her, and she tells them it’s a bad idea. She chants in a strange language, calls down a snow tornado, and transforms into an Indian superhero. Anne Knight wears a parka and long pants, as it’s freakin’ winter in northern British Columbia. Nanook Iluak, the native spirit of the polar bear and Big Woman of the North, wears … a fur bikini. Bwah-ha-ha-ha! Seriously--she wears a big cloak, fur on her forearms (but no gloves), a fur brassiere laced up the front, a fur thong, and fur knee-high mukluks. It’s awesome. She looks like Raquel Welch. At least her feet are warm!

I’m not too bent out of shape by it, because it’s just a goofy costume, and Nanook is some kind of spirit, so she probably doesn’t feel the cold. It just cracked me up.
Comment:  Given her name, Nanook Iluak is probably Inuit, not Indian. They're not the same thing.

Her appearance is pure Hollywood starlet--a body type almost unknown among the Inuit. In other words, she's your typical Native sex object. She comes from a long line of Native sex objects beginning with Malinche and Pocahontas. As well as a long line of Inuit women who supposedly gave themselves freely to men.

Compare her to Snowbird, a similar superhero who's a spirit woman of the north. No big breasts or exposed skin, yet still an effective character. If she weren't half Caucasian, she probably wouldn't be so statuesque, either.


Anonymous said...

Oh, dear God, a fur bikini. God, I hate Frank Frazetta sometimes, though I am aware that without Frazetta, comic book art would be stuck in the Silver Age.

dmarks said...

And what is wrong with that?