December 27, 2010

Litefoot's message of faith

Spirituality provides strength, says Litefoot

Cherokee speaks to Stoney Nation

By Jamie Komarnicki
The Stoney Nakoda First Nation can benefit from the strength that comes through spirituality, says a Native American hip hop artist.

Litefoot, in Calgary recently speaking to members of the Stoney First Nation, said he has a special connection with the tribe after his father attended an ecumenical conference on the reserve in 1971.

The musician and actor, a member of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, was in the city to share the message of his book, The Medicine of Prayer. The book's forward was written on behalf of the Stoney First Nation, but the message is intended for a wider audience.

"The message isn't specific solely to the Stoneys or to any tribal nation--I think it's a message for all people. That would be that we've all been put on this earth for a reason and our responsibility in this life is to find out what that purpose is," Litefoot said. "Sometimes we mistake that with what we want to do versus what we were born to do."
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