December 10, 2010

Tribe seeks all-Cherokee rock band

New band to rock ‘n’ roll, Cherokee style

Cherokee Nation Entertainment is seeking tribal members for an all-Cherokee rock band that will entertain guests at numerous venues.

By Josh Newton
Tribal leaders with the Cherokee Nation want to bridge the gap between culture and entertainment, and also invigorate its youth and young-at-heart.

Cherokee Nation Entertainment has kicked off the first of three phases aimed at creating an all-Cherokee rock band.

“We’re going to play popular music, but also want to be aware of the cultural aspects of being Cherokee, and the talents the band members can showcase,” said Molly Jarvis, vice president of Cultural Tourism at CNE. “A signature all-Cherokee band will provide both inspiration for youth who aspire to a career in music and will bring pride to the community as the band entertains guests at our entertainment venues.”

Until Jan. 7, 2011, aspiring artists can apply to play for the band.
Comment:  It's just like the Monkees!

For more on Cherokee music, see "Stands with Song" in Thanksgiving Parade and Soundtrack for Nancy Ward Musical.


Burt said...

I am all for native artist. There is alot of unrecognized talent in Indian country, why does it have to be Cherokee?

There shouldn't be a problem with finding musicians in Cherokee country, but when it comes to tribal leaders and business enterprises recruiting and manufacturing talent, I am always reminded of Britney Spears or American Idol "stars".

Limiting talent to a tribal affiliation or under tribal councils cannot be good for a serious artists thats legitimate.

Rob said...

I presume the Cherokee Nation is doing this because it wants to promote its own people and culture. Not because it wants to get into the music business no matter who the musicians are.