December 11, 2010

Lovely Indian Girl Make Up Game

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Indian girl is always very bright with their special jewelries. Now a lovely indian girl wants your help and make her up. Come on and give her a lovely indian makeup!

Play Lovely Indian Girl Make Up Games at Dress Up Games 8! Lovely Indian Girl Make Up Games is a very fun game!

Comment:  I can't embed this game, so follow the link to see it in action. Basically, you choose the girl's eyes, hair, headdress, earrings, and so forth and her appearance changes. The image shows what a typical "lovely Indian girl" looks like in full costume and makeup.

I can't tell whether the girl is supposed to be an Indian or a non-Indian. Either way, the game is stereotypical. If she's an Indian, it implies that she wears stereotypical "feathers and leathers," including headdresses reserved for tribal leaders. That she doesn't wear modern clothing like you or me.

If she's not an Indian, it implies she can become one by donning the right clothes. In other words, that being Indian is only a matter of appearance. That anyone who looks Indian is Indian.

For more on related subjects, see Painting Natives in Ceremonial Garb and Native Girls Judged on "Poise," Makeup.

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dmarks said...

Looks like a Gelfling with a head-dress.